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CIA Alumni Club of Japan Bylaws
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CIA Alumni Club of Japan will operate according to the following bylaws:

1. Name
Japanese: CIA Dosokai
English: CIA Alumni Club of Japan
2. Purpose
The purpose is to promote goodwill and friendship among members and contribute to the development of CIA.
3. Membership
Members should have attended the CIA full program, CE program or otherwise completed a program of study at either Hyde Park or Greystone schools.
Membership is also opened to others with a vested interest. Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
4. Board of Directors
The Club and its activities will be operated by the Board of Directors. Executive Director: 1 person, Asst. Executive Director: 1 person Directors: a few
5. Board of Directors Meeting
The Board of Directors will convene at the direction of the Executive Director to do the following:
Select committee chairs
Update on activities, approve expenditures, develop policies for following fiscal years, approve budget
Select Directors
Revise bylaws
Other necessary business
6. Office
Place of operation will be the following:
Feast International
3-16-4 Shibaura
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: (03)3451-1900
Fax: (03)3451-1905
7. Membership Dues
Members will pay dues as determined at Board of Directors meeting.
8. Matters not set down in these bylaws will be decided by Board of Directors as deemed necessary.
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